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Does anyone know this guy. He left his camera camera in Yellowstone National Park shortly after Sturgis. We think he is from Wisconsin.

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Over loaded bikers and bad tires don’t mix

This advice goes out to all our friends that ride two or three wheels.
In  just the last few days, with every one headed to Sturgis for the 75ht anniversary rally. We noticed some of the worst abuse of Motor Cycles that we have seen for a very long time. Please do not over load your machines. There are laundry facilities almost everywhere. And simply put it’s not worth your live or that of the people you ride with.

And tires………Today in one parking lot we saw several bikes with bald tires or bad air pressure.  This is the fastest way to a pine box. If you can’t afford tires you can’t afford Sturgis. When over loaded bikes are coupled with bad tire pressure you asking for more than trouble. You’re family and friends that ride with you or around you will be taken out too. This is not just for our Harley riders, the big Honda GL 1800 are some of the worst!. Please take the time to look at your tires and change them if needed. Hot roads and heavy loads wear down tires faster than you can get home safely. Keep an eye out for others if you see another bike that may be of concerns please let them know. Taking a few extra minutes in the parking lot of you hotel or at a rest stop just may save a life
Ride safe and smart , when you get up in our area stop in say hi.
Tracy and Dave

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Southwest Trikes is now working on being a  Lees-ure Lite  Camp trailer dealers.
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Spring at Southwest Trikes

Many of our clients have been asking about our Wildwest Trike shop. Wildwest Trikes is the summer home of Southwest Trikes. We pack up what we can, and move to Dubois Wyoming in the summer. Fishing, hiking, long cool summer nights are just some of the reasons. Were located only 60 miles east of the Teton Nation Park. If the name of the town sounds familiar, it may be because it made national news over the New Year of 2014. Our small town of Dubois nearly burnt to the ground. There were so many fantastic volunteers from so far away that helped save it. It’s a very blessed feeling to be part of such a great community. If you’re planning to come to this shop for kit’s or maintenance please be sure to let us know. Hotel, camping or BnB arrangement can be made for you.

If you’re still on the fence about when to do your trike kit now is the time. Summer is coming and things move fast. It takes about 4 weeks to receive a kit in and two to add the trike kit. Southwest Trikes is moving north to the Wildwest Trike location in Dubois Wyoming around mid June. We will be assembling trike kits this summer both here in Arizona and In Wyoming. Please be aware that in the summer, timing is essential to making travel plans. If you want your trike delivered to the mid-west for pick up we will need to know ahead of time. All rocky mountain trikes will be delivered when finished. If you would like to schedule a build over the summer and are not returning until next spring you have a great advantage over everyone else. Time!!

 The Trike and bike weather is coming fast. Please don’t put of getting you’re annual checkup before it’s too late. Dave would like you to look at a few things and make sure your ready for summer riding. This will take about an hour to be through

  • Tire pressure 42 front 24 back (trike only)
  • Tire wear. Look on both sides of the tire. Inside and out. Not just both rear tires. If your tires are more than 6 years old regardless of where they need to be changed
  • Air pressure in Motor Trike kits. 30lbs is normal. If they don’t hold pressure over a two day period please call so we can inspect them for leaks.
  • Change the oil if you haven’t in the last year.
  • Look at you front forks. If you can see an oil line or the fork oil hasn’t been changed in 4 years, now is the time. Old oil or oil leaks can drastically change the steering and the overall ride smoothness. Getting this changed on vacation is no fun.
  • Before packing up, check the suggested weight of the manufacturer. Just because it fit’s it doesn’t mean it should ship.
  • Look on the ground and under the bike for leeks. This may not be a drip fluids may stick to the frame or body.
  • HALEY TRIKES check you motor mounts. It’s very common for these to soften and left unattended can cause serious damage’s and a great deal of expense.  
  •  Gently shake the bike or trike and listed for squeaking and rattling. Really listen closely; even a little movement may suggest an adjustment. Have someone with you to help listen when it running.

Please call Southwest Trikes to schedule a summer check up

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