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Ladies night - starts Oct 2013

We proudly Spencer this ride every year.
March 21st 2015
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March 29th, 2014

The inaugural ride for  the
Pat Tillman

2nd Annual Tillman's Ride
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Past events have been very successful and we continue to try and include every one.
Please send over your E-Mail addresses to to be included.

March 2013

The inaugural ride for  the
Pat Tillman

Register on line at MAD4VETS.ORG. This is coming up soon so don't stray off. Southwest Trikes Has chosen to be a has sponsor for this event and we don't throw money at every thing. We have KNIX barn (VIP) for those who don't understand red neck, reserved at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar. Special room rates at the Hyatt Place so no one has to drive . Help celebrate Dave add Dyno's Birthday while we raise money for a very great organization. Call Tracy at the shop and confirm your place in line. Private parking at Chesters H.D. in Mesa and lots of giveaways. 480 951 7171.

January - 2013

Buddy Stubbs CHILI COOK OF   First Place winners     Kim and Tracy
what a great day. Perfect for Chili. Rain cold and more rain. THANK YOU TREA NORMAN for alllll the votes.

December - 2012

Wickenburg,... This was a fun breakfast ride. A little cool at the beginning. But it all went away at the table with Nicole and Amanda making me laugh all through the morning. Even Caboose came out for this one. Thank you Wayne, I miss your always smiling face.

November - 2012

Havana Cigars was the 1'st event for Dave and Tracy. WOW what a great turn out. I hope they invite us back next year. Thanks the every one that came out in the heat.