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Committed to safety, quality, and performance

For over 28 years, Lehman Trikes has been an industry leader and earned the reputation for high quality, premium motorcycle trikes. The Founder of Lehman Trikes, John Lehman, envisioned a safe and comfortable motorcycle for his family to be able to enjoy together. 

Using his garage as a workshop, and a 1981 Honda CB900, John and some friends successfully built the first Lehman Trike, the “Lehman #1”. At the time, John could never have imagined he was establishing the foundation for a new era of modern-day motorcycle trikes.

As people learned of the trike John had created, word spread and soon it became apparent that there was emerging interest for three-wheel motorcycles. The stage was set, and a company dedicated to providing an entirely new three-wheel experience was born.

A 30,000 square foot building was purchased in Westlock, Alberta, Canada and John and his dear friend and business partner, Larry Strilchuk began building a dealer network. In 2004, the company began moving to Spearfish, South Dakota and as of 2008, the company was completely USA based.

Thousands upon thousands of Genuine Lehman Trikes have been sold and enjoyed throughout the years and Lehman Trikes has grown to become internationally known with a dealer network that stretches across the globe

Currently based in Spearfish, South Dakota, Lehman Trikes proudly produces their motorcycle trikes in the USA and have a 3-year, unlimited mileage warranty. Lehman Trikes produces many motorcycle trike conversion kits for numerous motorcycle brands such as Harley- Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Victory. Besides motorcycle trikes, Lehman Trikes also specializes in trike accessories for different trike motorcycle brands.

Lehman Trikes has achieved recognition throughout the motorcycle community for innovation, leadership, and advancement of motorcycle trikes. Our dedication to industry leadership and customer satisfaction through the most highly qualified network of Authorized Lehman Dealers. Our commitment to safety, quality, and performance assures confidence and control around every corner. Let Lehman Trikes, “Leader of the Three World”, show you our commitment to the three-wheel motorcycle experience.

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