We were very proud of all the hard work these kid’s did for this amazing program. They arrived at 3am after working a full shift in Phoenix, jumped up at 7am and started assembling staging and lighting. The fundraiser this year raised well over $25,000 for Specialist Anthony Shepler and his growing family. If you are unfamiliar with One Hero At A Time. Please look them up or call me at the office. We got behind this amazing group of volunteers 5 years ago. Rick Hillis and the guys and gals from Henderson pull this off twice every year. Fall in Henderson as well as Mesquite in the spring. This is the ONLY 100% volunteer Veteran organization we have found. This means every cent of the funds you donation always goes to the recipients. All of it! The 100 or more boots on the ground and in the trenches working to raise funds and gifts for raffles never make a cent. In this day of greed and embellishment, it is so wonderful to find such a dedicated group of American Patriots.  A big thank you goes out to “Doc” Lang for being our larges contributor again this year, it mean so much to know that as a Korean war vet ,you still care about the younger men and women coming home.

As most of you know Dave spent over 22 years dedicated to the military. We respect out vets deeply and continue to be one of the very few shops for Bikes and Trikes to offer dramatic discounts for all services or Trike conversions, for all our Vets. Our returning soldiers deserve the best we have to offer. The Motor Cycle industry is catching up fast and making great efforts to accommodate the needs of the physically handicapped. SWT is doing its best to keep up with the demand to adapt Trikes and Motor cycles for amputee and riders with special needs.

The One Hero At A Time was raised over $12,000
to help support Sergeant Dylan Graves and his family.
Sergeant Graves road his father ultra classic on the ride to Nelsons landing.
Seeing a double amputee still riding is a testimony to the technology
now available out service men and women returning home.
Please keep out troops in your thoughts and prayers.

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‘One Hero At A Time event in Henderson Nevada was again a huge success. Thank you to Frankie Brown. Joe Salazar, Trevor Campbell and David Bierman for volunteering for back stage security, set up, tear down and equipment hauling. I know how the crew in Henderson appreciates your all night driving and lack of sleep.  It make us very proud to have you guys go up and help.  The event this year raised over $18.000. Please look up ‘One Hero at a Time” One on Face book. Rick Hillis and his army of vigilantes  dedicate thousands of hours to making this event a huge success year after year. 

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One Hero at a Time
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