The following are the stock motorcycle trike questions we get asked all the time.
For both the Honda and the Harley Trike Conversions

Q. How much does a kit cost?
A. Average kit cost is $10,500.00 installed. You can add or deduct features but $10,500.00 is a good rule of thumb.

Q. How do I buy a trike?
A. There are three ways:
1. We can convert your bike to a trike if it is a Honda or Harley (excluding the Sportster).
2. You can buy a bike and then we convert it to a trike.
3. Since we are an actual dealership we have trikes that are already converted on our showroom floor that can be purchased ready to go.

Q. Can you buy a trike kit from Harley or Honda?
A. No there are a number of trike conversion companies with dealers scattered across the USA & Canada. Harley and Honda provide the motorcycle then the conversion company removes and rear wheel and saddlebags and bolt-on the conversion kit. The kit consists of two automotive wheels, a differential and new driveshaft, fenders, and rear trunk. The kit is painted to match the color of your bike at the factory.

Q. I heard that 3-wheelers were unstable and banned?
A. That was the old 3-wheel ATVs made by Honda that were tipping over. These trikes have a low center of gravity, 6-cylinder and large V-Twin engines, limited slip differentials, extremely wide rear tires that are very stable under all conditions encountered on the road.

Q. What are the advantages of a trike over a regular motorcycle?
A. The most obvious is stability you do not have to put your feet down when you stop. You can ride without fear of tipping over with or without a passenger. You can ride over metal grated bridges with no fear. You can take the trike down dirt or gravel roads with ease. You won’t get fatigued in stop and go traffic.

Q. Can I test drive a trike?
A. You can demo one of our trikes in stock if you have a valid motorcycle license.

Q. What if I don’t have a motorcycle license?
A. These are the criteria:
1. First take the written test offered by the Arizona DMV to get a 6 months permit.

2. After you pass the test you can either:

After you feel comfortable with your riding go the the MVD and take their Operator Skill Test.
Or contact David with Arizona Progressive Riding @480-593-3707.  He does a two day trike class.