Technical Data for the Harley Converstions

All Motor Trike kits are manufactured using our Air Ride Suspension (patent pending) as standard equipment. We offer a true suspension letting the shock absorbers do what they were designed dampen sudden and rapid motion. The comfort and stability of the Air Ride Suspension will give you a ride that is unsurpassed in the industry. When you combine the Air Ride Suspension with our ladder bar suspension, you can see why we ask you to ride all of the trikes that are available and experience the difference. Our product is unique in that our ride quality and handling characteristics split the difference between the traditional solid axle design and the independent rear suspensions being offered today.  

The Motor Trike conversion comes with a 3 year - 60,000 mile warranty. The question people ask is how can we offer such an outstanding warranty at no additional charge. The answer is easy, quality. We use new axles custom made to fit our applications. New ring and pinions, bearings, seals, and brakes are installed in every kit we manufacture. They are built at our plant along with our frames and our fiberglass bodies. We invite you to visit us at our factory for a test ride or plant tour. If a trip to Texas is not in your immediate future, then visit our web site at for a Factory Tour. via the Internet.

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Work in progress to build a Trike